Frequently asked questions

 Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How much is the commission and who pays for it?

The highest total commission (unless stated otherwise) is 6% of the total cost. In practice, the sum is paid by both the buyer and seller 3% each. 23% VAT adds to the commission fee.

Which services are included in the commission?

The commission includes: taking a look at the property, handing over electricity*, water*, phone* and communal paperwork* to the buyer and filling for real estate service tax.

*does not include administrative costs

Which documents do I need in order to buy or sell property?

To buy or sell property you need proof of tenure, proof of possession and a copy of the land-register plan. For the land it is necessary to get data from the urban documentation office from which the purpose and the conditions of construction are visible.

What is down payment and what is its amount paid to the seller?

Down payment is the amount of money given to the seller as a sign that the deal has been made. The contract is considered closed once the money is given unless specified otherwise. In practice, it is 10% of the total amount. Once the contract is signed, the down payment is either given back or included in the total price. If the buyer should refrain from the property, the money is not left with the seller. The same cannot be done by the seller either, by returning twice the sum, unless otherwise specified. If both parties agree to the right to back away from the deal, the down payment is considered as such and each of the parties can do so. In this case if the buyer does not buy property, they lose the money and if the seller refrains from selling, they give twice the amount of the down payment to the buyer. Down payment is regulated by law.

What is the amount of tax in real estate services and who pays it?

The tax is paid by the buyer at the rate of 5% of the total price or property value. The tax base is the market value of the property when it is bought. Real estate service is the matter taxed. Buying newly built property is not considered to be real estate service

What is the deadline for filing and paying real estate service tax?

The tax payer has to file for tax in the local administrative unit where property is situated within 30 days from buying property. Tax is paid 15 days after receiving tax documentation.

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