Mediating in real estate services

  • mediating and connecting the commissioner with the third party
  • informing the commissioner with the average market value of the property
  • inspection of ownership documentation frequent advertising of property and presentations
  • visiting property mediating and preparation for signing the contract
  • cooperation with the solicitor and notary and working with other experts in order to close the deal

Property insurance

Property management

  • holticulture design
  • lawn maintenance
  • irrigation system
  • internal and exterior cleaning
  • gardening
  • key holder (proprety and maintenance check, mail pick up and forwarding...)


  • property evaluation by the legal assessor
  • property evaluation by the legal expert
  • drawing expenditure plans to obtain loans
  • drawing projects
    • conceptual
    • constructing
    • major projects in order to obtain a construction licence
    • projects for property renovation
    • construction surveillance

Construction works

  • building of new and reconstruction of old property (ready-to -move-in scheme)
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